- Shaffer Ford Sales Inc.

Stimulate Our Economy
I would like to thank all of you hardworking Americans for everything that you do in this country.  You have made this country the great nation it is & will be the reason it survives these tough economic times.  We always work together & solve whatever problems we are facing.
We need to support our nation's businesses by buying products that produce more jobs & money in this country, not on foreign soils.  We also need to support our local businesses to put money back into our communities.  Whether it's restaurants, hardware stores, or car dealershihps, everyone who owns a small business needs your business now more than ever.
I am proud to say that I am a part of a company that is 100% American to its core, Ford Motor Company, celebrating its 106th anniversary.  Ford is providing cars, trucks, & SUVs that are the most fuel-efficient vehicles made & environmentally friendly.
The 2009 Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient SUV on the planet.  Ford offers 15 vehicles choices that get 25 mgp or better.  The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrd is the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan, getting an astonishing 41 mgp - 8 mpg more that Toyota's Camry Hybrid!
This summer's 2010 Taurus & Flex will be powered by Ford's Eco-Boost engine, which provided the power of an 8-cylinder with the gas sipping efficiency of a 6-cylinder, along with low carbon dioxide emissions.  Ford has more IIHS top safety picks & more NHSTSA 5-star raings than any other car company!
As the leader of an automobile dealership that has been privileged to serve this community for over 50 years & employs talented, dedicated employees with a tradition of service & commitment, I am optimistic.  So I ask you to think, think, before you make your next purchase:  Will this "stimulate" our economy?  Let us as Americans restore this great nation.
Give us a chance, you will not be disappointed.  I guarantee it!  I invite you to drive with us into the future.  Drive green.  Drive safe.  Drive smart.  Drive quality you can believe in!
Kathy Shaffer