- Shaffer Ford Sales Inc.


First Waterborne Paint Body Shop in Maryland

Shaffer Ford Sales Inc. (Oakland) goes green in their Body Shop.  PPG Automotive Refinishers chose Shaffer’s Body Shop for the first waterborne paint conversion in the state of Maryland.  All of Canada and the majority of California have already made the change, which will be mandatory in 2012.  “This is without a doubt the single biggest change in automotive coating technology, and to have our shop chosen the first one in the state to implement it, was very special,” Gary Hardesty, Body Shop manager said.  “This finally gives us the products to duplicate the finish that the car manufactures have been using for years,” Gary added.
Shaffer’s was chosen by PPG because of owner’s, Kathy Shaffer’s, concern for the environment, and her commitment to training, with equipment upgrades that had to be done in order to use the products.  Spray booth upgrades, paint guns, cleaning equipment, and painter protection were all a big part of it.  Kriss Ebile, PPG account representative, said, “We needed a shop with high quality painters, and a major commitment from the owner, we found both at Shaffers.  The shop’s seamless transition over to waterborne is a testament to both PPG and SFSI.” 
Shaffer’s employees completed PPG’s Convert with Confidence program, which included extensive training at PPG’s North American Headquarters in Pittsburgh, as well as in  house dealership training.  “We have been spraying waterborne for about 3 months now, and it has worked perfect from day one,” said Mike Schwier, lead painter.  Painter and airbrush artist, Greg Kesner, was quoted as saying, “Environbase has given me a whole new ability to change colors quickly because if is reduced and cleaned up with deionized water and the color match is unbelievable.”
Solvent based paint that is currently in use in other body shops, has been identified as a major greenhouse gas contributor.  Every gallon of color that SFSI uses now, reduced VOC levels equal to taking 1,100 cars off the road for a year!
Keeping Garrett County beautiful is another reason SFSI believes reducing their carbon footprint is essential.  Recycling at the dealership includes everything from automotive liquids to cardboard, to reusing printing paper.  They are also using proven ways of reducing their energy consumption, like making sure computers, printers, chargers are turned off and unplugged.  This is just the first phase of changes that Shaffer Ford Sales, Inc. in Oakland will be making to stay as environmentally conscience as possible.